The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) was established in June 1995 at the United Nations Offices in Vienna and was formally inaugurated in Budapest at its first General Meeting in September 1996. 

The main impetus leading to its formation was the rapid growth in serious transnational crime, particularly drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud. The need was perceived for greater international co-operation between prosecutors and for greater speed and efficiency in mutual assistance, asset tracking and other cross border issues.

The IAP is a non-governmental and non-political organisation. It is the first and only world association of prosecutors. The Association has over 130 organisational members – including associations of prosecutors, prosecuting agencies and crime prevention agencies – and together with its individual membership it represents over 200,000 prosecutors in over 130 countries.


to promote the effective, fair, impartial and efficient prosecution of criminal offences;

to respect and seek to protect human rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948;

to promote high standards and principles in the administration of criminal justice, including procedures to guard against or address miscarriages, in support of the rule of law;

to promote and enhance those standards and principles which are generally recognised internationally as necessary for the proper and independent prosecution of offences;

to assist prosecutors internationally in the fight against organised or other serious crime in order to:

- promote international co-operation in gathering and providing evidence, in tracking, seizing and forfeiting the proceeds of serious crime, and in the prosecution of fugitive criminals;
- promote speed and efficiency in such international co-operation;

to promote measures for the elimination of corruption in public administration;

to promote the professional interests of prosecutors and to enhance the recognition of their crucial role in achieving criminal justice;

to promote good relations between individual prosecutors and prosecution agencies;

to facilitate the exchange and dissemination among them of information, expertise and experience; and, to that end, to encourage the use of information technology;

to promote examination of comparative criminal law and procedure and to assist prosecutors engaged in justice reform projects;

to co-operate with international juridical organisations in furtherance of the foregoing objects.·


The IAP elects a President, six Vice-Presidents and a Secretary-General, and appoints a General Counsel, who are ex officio members of its governing body, the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee also consists of not less than 10 and not more than 30 appointed members, generally reflecting the regions of the world where the IAP has its members. There are at present 30 members from 28 countries.

The Secretary-General is the Chief Executive of the Association and manages its day-to-day affairs. The General Counsel has a representational role and is responsible for the Association’s work programme. 


The present annual (calendar year) fee for an individual member is USD 40. Organizations wishing to join the IAP should contact the Secretary-General, Henk Marquart Scholtz. Please visit the IAP website to find more information, contact details and application forms.


Hartogstraat 13, 2514 EP, The Hague, The Netherlands
Telephone : +31 70 363 03 45 / Fax : +31 70 363 03 67



François Falletti
Procureur General of The Court of Appeal, Aix-en-Provence, France
Retha Meintjes SC
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, South Africa 
Feng YE
Director General, International Judicial Cooperation Department, People’s Republic of China
Carlos Mariano Donoso Castex
Vice-President of the Association of Prosecutors, Argentina
James Hamilton
Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland
Wendy Stephen
Crown Counsel, Canada
Joon Gyu Kim
Senior Chief Prosecutor, Korea
Henk Marquart Scholtz
Senior Advocate General, The Netherlands
Elizabeth Howe OBE
Chief Crown Prosecutor, England and Wales


Richard Buteera
Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda
Sabas Chahuan Sarras
General Prosecutor, Chile
Nicholas Cowdery AM QC
Director of Public Prosecutions, New South Wales, Australia
Basile Elombat
Magistrat, Cameroon
James P. Fox
Chairman of the Board, National District Attorneys Association, United States
Sir Alasdair Fraser QC
Director of Public Prosecutions, Northern Ireland
Siri S. Frigaard
Chief Public Prosecutor, Norway
Vinette Graham Allen
Director/Principal of the Justice Training Institute (JTI), Jamaica
Grenville Cross SC
Director of Public Prosecutions, Hong Kong, China
Martin Herschorn QC
Director of Public Prosecutions, Nova Scotia, Canada
Gerhard Jarosch
Prosecutor, Austria
Michael G. Kennedy CBE 
Chief Operating Officer, Crown Prosecution Service, England and Wales
Fikrat F. Mammadov
Minister of Justice, Republic of Azerbaijan
Javier Popolo Filgueira
Public Prosecutor, Venezuela
Josaia K. Naigulevu
Director of Public Prosecutions, Fiji
Chaikasem Nitisiri
Attorney General, Thailand
Stephen Pallaras QC
Director of Public Prosecutions South Australia, Australia
Richard Rogers
Senior Counsel Department of Justice, United States
Oleksandr Shynalskyi
Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors
Jorgen Steen Sorensen
Director of Public Prosecutions, Denmark
Raija Toiviainen
State Prosecutor, Finland
Làszlò Venczl
Vice-President, Hungarian Association of Prosecutors, Hungary





































Oleksandr Shynalskyi 
Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors
Serhiy Mishchenko
Committee Chairman, Parliament of Ukraine

MEMBERS from the Prosecutor General’s Office 


Vitaliy Kasko



Head of Department

Olena Sygydyn
Senior Prosecutor of Division
Serhiy Rudenko
Senior Assistant to Deputy Prosecutor General
Grygoriy Tytarchuk
Head of Main Department
Oleksandr Degtjaryov
Head of Main Department
Viktor Dychakovskyi
Head of Main Department
Ihor Artemenko
Deputy Head of Department
Oleg Umanskyi
Head of Department
Oleg Syngayevskyi
Head of Department
Lyudmyla Yerkhova
Accountant General
Serhiy Kravchuk
Deputy Head of Department
Andriy Gnativ
Head of Division
Oleksandr Prykhodko
Head of Division
Oleksandr Kovalenko
Head of Division
Maksym Chagarnyi
Head of Division
Vitaliy Berehovskykh
Head of Division
Yuriy Boichenko
Chief of Press-Service
Yevhen Blazhivskyi
Prosecutor of Kyiv City
Volodymyr Boyko
Prosecutor of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Volodymyr Dereza
Prosecutor of Sevastopol City
Henk Marquart Scholtz    
Secretary-General, International Association of Prosecutors





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